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Automatic Doors

Standard Automatic Revolving Doors


Entrance System Combining Style, Comfort and Technology

METAXDOOR MR30/SA series revolving doors make the difference and put up an image in buildings they are used …

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Automatic All-Glass Revolving Doors


Your dreams meet technology

METAXDOOR GL30/SA all-glass revolving door raises your comfort to a new level by taking advantage of modern technology while building magnificent …

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MultiCOMBO Revolving Doors


Doors which provide multiple entrance alternatives where they are used

METAXDOOR M-COM revolving doors are multi-functional automatic revolving entrance systems in which different combinations for …

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Standard Manual Revolving Doors


Aesthetic and Energy Saving Entrance Solution for Buildings

METAXDOOR MR30/SM series revolving doors shine out with their chic designs in building entrances. Together with durability …

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Circular Sliding Doors


Elegant, stylish, attractive and comfortable with a smooth flow

Very stylish doors which can completely fit and blend in to architecture of buildings with curves. …

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Automatic Sliding Doors


Offers flexible and functional solutions everywhere

HM30/SLD automatic sliding doors have suitable design and technology to be used as the most economical way of providing …

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Grand Revolving Doors


Safely handles high traffic

METAXDOOR GRA revolving doors are specially designed for maximum efficiency in entrances with high pedestrian traffic. Provides smooth traffic with safety …

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Manual All-Glass Revolving Doors


It’s possible to catch magnificence at your entrance

METAXDOOR GL30/SM all-glass revolving door builds magnificent entrance at your building with its grace and transparency. It …

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