When it comes to security, since doors are one of the most vulnerable areas of a building, we usually prefer to install “bullet-proof” doors for additional protection against theft or ballistic attacks. The term "bullet proof" is a common method to describe such doors.

With bulletproof SWG, your doors can be customized for both aesthetic and security requirements. Whether you need an attractive entrance door with windows or a solid, high-security door, we can design the ideal system.
These systems can be used in Banks, Police stations, consulates, Security checkpoints, Shopping centers, private offices.
 METAXDOOR has developed a wide range of products so that people are always ready for life-threatening hazards due to increased security threats. When it comes to human life, responsibility is enormous and requires real experience. At this point, METAXDOOR produces bulletproof doors that assume first quality responsibility thanks to their latest technology and experience. METAXDOOR, which produces bullet-proof doors in compliance with the norms and standards of the world, prioritizes the security feeling you are looking for by stopping between you and your threats for years.